I will remember this insult forever even he apologise

In Belit media, Islam on June 29, 2008 at 9:51 pm

almuslimin – […] Fifty years after independent is a short period but that enough for anti muslim element in Malaysia to raise their ugly and stinking head. On pressure may be this slimy snake will apologize but damage has been done. I dont expect he is so brave to speak out that word but it had happened and it is just fifty years after independent. Other non muslim community takes 100 years to be arrogant , brave and rude but it just need 50 years in Malaysia. This will be a bench mark for the arrogance of non muslim in Malaysia. We will remember that forever

Oleh Roslan SMS
Tidak ada akhbar tempatan yang terus memain dan mensensasikan isu ini selain The Star. Di muka hadapannya hari ini dipaparkan gambar berikut meliputi satu pertiga ruangannya dengan tajuk: Turban legends on the road
… selanjutnya.

no2umno – kalau itu lah agama mamat tu ……. kita dah tak hairan


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