Who Says "Malaysian Politics Is Clean"

In Anwar Ibrahim, fitnah 2 on June 30, 2008 at 5:32 pm

eryrahim – […] If Anwar is really a bad person, he would have a much better option. Saiful would certainly be the last person in his list of edible mankind.

I guess PKR has made a big mistake in accepting this ungrateful person to be a special aide to Anwar. He has flunked out of a university when he was offered a scholarship – which pretty much it shows how irresponsible this person could be.

Think about it.. if we were to be offered a scholarship, and we think it is not worth to continue accepting it, why could not we turn the scholarship down, and let other thousands of worthy eligible aspirants vying for this one opportunity of a lifetime?

Najib said tonight that this dude went to his office to apply for a scholarship? And because of that he took photos with few high-ranking officers, including several ministers? Ok, this is a good lesson for kids out there – “If you did not manage to get a scholarship, don’t worry. Go to several government offices, and do not forget to take photos with its respective minister, hopefully you’ll get a scholarship, at least to pursue your career in science of espionage.” … selanjutnya.


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