More Rumors On Anwar Saga

In Anwar Ibrahim, fitnah 2 on July 2, 2008 at 4:01 pm

malaysiawaves – Learning from the first Reformasi days, rumors are more reliable than printed information. Below are more rumors I picked up from messages provided to me and from mingling and interactions with my acquaintances and sources.

1.0 UMNO people more than convinced that the police have found traces of Anwar’s sperm in Saiful Bukhari’s “anus”. They say, the evidence that the police have on Anwar will put this story to rest for ever. And they also believe, with this evidence, the UMNO people in KeAdilan will come back to UMNO in masses.

2.0 The police, apparently, working overtime to make this case stick to Anwar for good. If it doesn’t than their already tarnished image will nose-dive to a level that no one would dare to imagine.

3.0 The police will use just about any means to convict Anwar including forging the forensic report. The forensic report will say that Anwar’s sperm is contained in Saiful Bukhari’s anus. Musa Hassan and Gani Patail will be rewarded handsomely this time around, more than what they made the last time they frame Anwar Ibrahim.

4.0 More UMNO leaders are disgusted by the latest maneuver. They are reporting already they’ve seen major rumblings within their ranks at the grassroot level. Even UMNO grassroots are not happy with this move.

5.0 Ezam Mat Nor cannot hide his true colors anymore. The day the story broke out, he was sending SMS to everyone he knows, denying his involvement in this saga. The SMS he sent goes something like this:

“demi allah, wallahi. saya tidak terlibat dalam kes terbaru membabitkan dsai. haramlah segala amal saya sekiranya saya rancang hal ini. dan saya tanya pm pun dia bersumpah dia tak teribat. logiknya pun siapa nak buat konspirasi hal yang sama dua kali? sepatutnya dsai, dswa, azmin muhasabah drpd tuduh orang laindan wallahi saya tinggalkan dsai setahun selepas dia bebas bukan kerana umno/pangkat/harta seperti yg dituduh sekrang tetapi kerana saya tidak mahu subahat/kompromi dlm perkara2 ini yg jelas bercanggah dgn prinsip islam. kpd kawan2 pejuang islam dan reformasi carilah kebenaran. ezam m nor”… selanjutnya.


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