A real people’s government

In Belit Najib, niamah on July 4, 2008 at 8:38 am

niamah |

Najib: Saiful met me for advice before lodging police report.

Yes, there it was in The Star page N12.

So now we are expected to believe that some young fler who claims to have gotten f**ked up the ass by some old guy can actually get to meet the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia to seek some wise words of counsel before lodging a police report???!!! Also, this young fler had somehow managed to get a meeting with the DPM’s ‘special officer’ when he wanted a scholarship.

Wah damn good man! If this is the kind of pro-active, people-sensitive ministers we have in our cabinet then I am definitely going to vote for Barisan Nasional to remain in power. It would be tough job for the Y.B’s though because as tax-paying Malaysians we have ALL been f**ked in the ass. So we all want our appointments to seek ‘advice’.

Can ah?



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