Najib Had A**l Intercourse with Aminah – Bala

In Altantuya, Belit Najib, Razak Baginda on July 4, 2008 at 1:14 am


Balasubramaniam, the private investigator hired by Abdul Razak Baginda revealed in his Statutory Declaration that Abdul Razak Baginda informed him :

  • He (Razak) had been introduced to Aminah (Altantunya Shariibu) by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at a diamond exhibition in Singapore.
  • Datuk Seri Najib informed Razak that he (Najib) had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to a**l intercourse.
  • Datuk Seri Najib wanted Razak to look after Aminah as he did not want her to harras him since he was now the Deputy Prime Minister.
  • Bla bla bla bla…….. (all the hearsay continues)

So Razak then married Altantunya in Korea but Bala did not mention whether Razak took the custody of Altantunya because of her anal expertise or because it is more easier for him to look after her.

Well folks, I leave it to you. I am getting nausea now.

no2umno – Kalau tak der angin, pokok tak goyang. Monyet cuti. So …. kalau nak elak kena C4 jangan ada hubungan. Anal intercourse ….. [hmmmmm…..aku ingat Saiful lak]


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