Thousands at rally despite Syed Hamid warning

In demo minyak, Radenjowo on July 6, 2008 at 8:44 am

protes fuel price hike rally mppj stadium 070708 11malaysiainsider |
Thousands garbed in red t-shirts are crowding the Kelana Jaya Stadium today for a pump price rise protest and a pro-Anwar rally despite police calling it illegal.

At its peak, some 10,000 people were at the stands listening to speakers such as PAS treasurer and chief protest organiser Dr Hatta Ramli and Hindraf coordinator S. Jayathas while others patronised stalls selling food and party merchandise.

There were no untoward incidents reported at the carnival-like rally as Pakatan Rakyat has mobilised 2,500 marshalls to keep the peace. Police presence was minimal save for two mobile police stations.

Roads around the stadium were choked with traffic although many took the light rail transit to a nearby station. There were reports of police road blocks along the Federal and LDP highways that brought traffic to a standstill for miles.

Helicopters also hovered above as the crowd sought shelter from the blazing sun. There were a few die-hards who took to the microphone to vent their anti-government feelings.

“We are happy we don’t see a heavy presence of the security apparatus, which is a normal scene in our gatherings,” Dr Hatta said, adding helicopters were a usual feature at such protests.

The crowd chanted along with the speakers who called the government to cut pump prices, ringing the air with shouts of “Undur, undur! Undur BN! Turun, turun! Turun harga!”… selanjutnya

Sementara menanti waktu klimaks perhimpunan pada petangnya… ini yang dapat aku rakamkan ..


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