Anwar has thrown the challenge, is Pak Lah’s government man enough to take it?

In Anwar Ibrahim on July 7, 2008 at 9:48 am

malaysiansentinel | …. The rakyat have spoken, numbers aside, it still the voice of the rakyat and the government should take heed. Every small voice counts because it is with the will of the rakyat, governments are installed. Thus, it is to the rakyat the government must seek approval not the other way round.

It would not amaze me if the government of the day would play down all that happened during the weekend. Instead, BN would politicize the matter and make it out as a “them against us” fiasco. The very people who say, don’t politicize things would be the ones to politicize things. And at the end of the day, the voice of the rakyat would be ignored.

The rakyat is saying (if the BN government has ears to hear) the fuel hike hurts us, the flip-flopping indecisiveness of the administration hurts us, the blatant abuse of power by the police and courts hurts us, corrupted leaders hurts us and smoke-screen scandals hurts us.

Pak Lah’s government should take up the challenge for open debates with Anwar and let the people judge. The BN government should not hide behind press statements and skewed media coverage. Instead, take the fight into the open and let’s see who is man enough to lead this country. The rakyat is looking for leaders who would lead, fight the fight and prove to us that our vote was meaningful.… selanjutnya.


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