In Anwar Ibrahim on July 7, 2008 at 11:09 am

eletricnewspaper | …. ‘I told Syed Husin, ‘Let me think about it. People may interpret it as running away or seeking political asylum’,’ said Mr Anwar.

He added that in the end, he had gone because he was worried about his safety and his wife’s concerns.


‘She (Azizah) is okay with the whole political situation. To deal with the malicious attacks, she is quite used to it. But .. my personal safety, I saw her (face), it was very real.’

So last Sunday (29 jun), just after early morning prayers, Mr Anwar went to the embassy.

‘The ambassador was there waiting. I went in. I had breakfast and then I went to sleep,’ he said.

But he admitted he didn’t get much shut-eye – ‘about half an hour, an hour’.

‘Because they were all there coming back and forth – the legal team, the security, issues. Because I didn’t know what it was all about, in detail, where, and things like that,’ he said of the sodomy allegations.

Yet, Mr Anwar said he wasn’t planning on staying too long at the embassy.

‘The moment we’ve all the statements, making explicit about my personal security then I told the ambassador, I think I’d leave,’ he said.

‘I don’t feel comfortable (staying in the embassy) because a lot of things you’re not able to do… You have to be with your people, you have to plan, listen to them, you have to start meeting people.’… selanjutnya.


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