In Balasubramaniam on July 8, 2008 at 12:16 am

tianchua | ….The police is seeking help from Interpol to find Balasubramaniam.

In a special press conference on 6 July, Criminal Investigation Department director Bakri Zinin said Malaysian police had enlisted the help of Interpol and authorities in neighbouring countries to help locate him (Malaysiakini).

I am glad that the police is taking up the search. However why seeking Interpol at this early stage?

Does the police have information that Bala has gone overseas.

Bakri Zinin himself said that immigration record does not indicate that Balasubramaniam has gone out of the country. This morning (7 July), the nephew of Bala, Kumerasan was called to IPD Selayang for investigation.

Nonetheless, the police should not use Interpol to shift public attention. The threat of Balasubramaniam’s safety is from within the country. The police should immediate investigate a few obvious suspects who have an interest in Bala’s disappearance.… selanjutnya.

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