In Belit BN Belit UMNO on July 9, 2008 at 12:15 am

melvinmah | ….Well, let’s not forget that the according to event co-ordinator Hatta Ramli, the main reason of why the turnover was even less than 10 percent was due to a very simple reason: people intimidation. We were duped to believe by Musa Hassan that the military will be having a join patrol operations on that day. The word military gives an intimidation manner since they have different rules of engagement than the police. They carry rifles, their orders are different from the blue men. When we were on the road yesterday, we saw no military presence at all…Not a single military personnel. But the damage was done, it scared many people away.


A few days ago the state police top brass butt heads with Khalid Ibrahim, Khalid said the event in the stadium is a private affair, no permit but the police insisted that the rally is illegal. And since they lost the argument they sulked by having SB’s using communication jamming equipment on every mobile phone in the stadium, created more traffic jams by placing roadblocks around PJ, KJ and SJ, doing some unnecessary snooping on people..and in one day, Syed Hamid Albar, Musa Hassan and some BN people had wasted around a million ringgit in tax money (read: our money) in the operations cost by having extra policemen to do something that is not logical and against human conscience…. selanjutnya.


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