Burglars in Balasubramaniam’s house – looking for?

In Balasubramaniam on July 11, 2008 at 4:15 am

ktemoc | In Malaysiakini Cops deny involvement in PI’s disappearance the men in blue are pissed off because they have been accused of ‘making’ Balasubramanin Perumal disappear – I hope you know who Balasubramanin Perumal is; if you don’t this post won’t interest you.

Apparently, Bala and his family (but minus his 2 dogs, and you’ll know why in a jiffy) are in a neighbouring ASEAN country – Sing? Thailand? – so claimed the police, who had even interviewed him there.

Additionally Bala rang his nephew asking the latter to cease ‘making noise’ over his disappearance as it wasn’t beneficial to his safety – see Malaysiakini nes article Stop the campaign, Bala tells nephew but his nephew didn’t heed Bala’s instruction as he went ahead and lodged another police report to complain about the failure of the police to inform him of Bala’s whereabouts…. selanjutnya.


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