Hearbreaks in silence

In artikel, mesti baca on July 11, 2008 at 11:22 pm

Niamah | Heartbreaks in silence. That is the poignant title of a wonderful piece written by a gay friend of mine. Yes, he is homosexual. He is talented. He is caring. He is passionate about his art, his beliefs. He is my friend. Enjoy…


In response to all the homophobic Bernama articles out there telling me how evil it is being gay, and to prelude our upcoming Seksualiti Merdeka celebrations, I hereby offer this long post taken from my “personals” profile on, with which I break the hearts of the men of Malaysia, and then seduce them.

Amazingly, I had my first erection when I was 7. It came from like nowhere. Wah, I thought, a new toy! Like a transformer robot – from a little teapot into a space rocket! Papa! Mummy! Look at my transformer! “Ah boy, put away your toy, we have visitors.”

I really didn’t know how to play with my new toy until I was 12 when a classmate and I went went to the toilet behind school to compare sizes (wah, you so big; no lah, you bigger – bloody hell, it’s a tie!). “Come,” he said, “let’s goncang together.” What is goncang? I asked. “There you shake it like that.” Oh, so that is what “goncang” means, I said. Um, I don’t feel anything lah. “You just keep shaking. You will feel it.” Eh, so boring, man, I see you back in class. In class, we continued comparing sizes under the table, right under the teacher’s nose…. selanjutnya.


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