KL blocked, democracy locked down

In Belit BN Belit UMNO, Belit POlis, Sidang Parlimen on July 13, 2008 at 11:58 am

elizabethwong | In anticipation of the vote of no-confidence scheduled to be up on Monday morning, the police have set up road blocks all around Kuala Lumpur. There appears to be an order to lock-down the Parliament on Monday morning from 7 am onwards.

Question is: Are the police doing this to protect public security or to deter the curious and interested public from turning up in Parliament tomorrow. There is no rally tomorrow at Parliament scheduled. But there is an emergency motion on the state of the country especially since the price hike of fuel and other basic essentials. … selanjutnya.

Ntah mana berita di dengar, kini KL kembali sesak kerana roadblock. Mahu tahan penyokong atau mahu halang MP? Nampaknya MP Pakatan rakyat kena pegi awal ke Parlimen.


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