A visit to Parliament House is impossible now

In Anwar Ibrahim, Belit MUsa Hassan, Belit Nazri, Sidang Parlimen on July 14, 2008 at 4:29 am

kosongcafe | For the first time in history, visitors are barred from our Parliament House. Before this, I think, there was a limit of 5 visitors per MP which works out to 1,110 visitors on paper. But realistically, it is difficult to get even a full attendance of the 222 MPs, let alone expecting them to bring 5 visitors each on a particular day.

Sometimes, we cannot take things for granted, like attending a Parliamentary session, which recently we were told, anybody can visit. Just when I was about to suggest to my daughter to visit Parliament House for the first time, this new ruling came about because of the Pakatan motion of No Confidence…. selanjutnya.


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