Ayah Ditahan – Nurul Izzah

In Anwar Ibrahim on July 16, 2008 at 7:33 am

nurulizzah |

Dad was arrested by the cops whilst on his way to the IPK to give his statement. The cops gave till 2pm for dad to report but still arrested him before the deadline. Dad was on his way back home to have lunch in Bukit Segambut, and then head to the IPK but the cops blocked off the road and arrested him like a criminal. And the cops who arrested him were Special Squad cops with balaclavas!!! Is that necessary!!!

I hope and pray for our nation today. I ask all Malaysians to be calm but strong in this event. I truly do believe our nation’s future rests on what happens in the next weeks.

Please please do not give the authorities any reason to crack down on us. Let us do everything by the book and do what’s right.

And most of all, please pray.



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