Malaysian opposition leader Anwar arrested: lawyer

In Anwar Ibrahim on July 16, 2008 at 5:35 am

AFP | Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has been accused of sodomising a male aide, has been arrested outside his home, his lawyer said Wednesday.

“Anwar was arrested just five minutes ago. The police came and took him away,” said lawyer Sankara Nair, who said he witnessed the arrest.

“He had just arrived home when about 10 officers detained him at the gate of his home,” he told AFP.

Nair said the police did not specify what the opposition leader was being charged with, but said he would be taken to Kuala Lumpur police headquarters..

No2umno – Ni yang UMNO kata, berani kerana benar. Belum pun pukul 2.00 polis dah tahan. Nak bagi tau kat puak UMNO, kalau setakat undang undang kat malaysia, siapa lah yang yakin? Cakap la apa pun …. cam tu gak akhirnya. baca berita CNN – Police arrest opposition leader


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