In Belit Dollah on July 19, 2008 at 10:15 am

magicriver | …You lost all credibility with me in November 2006 when you chose to cover Najib’s arse instead of doing what any credible leader would have done, that is: tell your deputy to go on temporary leave of absence so that police investigations into the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder could proceed unhindered and undistorted by a morally condemned Attorney-General and a self-aggrandizing IGP. By failing to do so, you have become tarred with the same despicable brush as all the other sleazebags and slimeballs in Umno – and therefore your neck is no longer worth saving, nor are any of your banal utterances worth publishing.

Each time you open your mouth to comment on the braindead sodomy accusation you only sink deeper into the slimy mud of contemptibility. Do the intelligent thing and rescue an iota of your dignity as prime minister by instructing the police to drop the case at once – because it has seriously damaged Malaysia’s international reputation – more so than a million tattooed and transgendered sodomites staging an anal sex carnival on live TV could blemish our image as a civilized nation…. selanjutnya.


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