Ashamed To Be Malaysian

In Anwar Ibrahim on July 21, 2008 at 10:38 pm

ibnuhussin | I had lunch with my vendor the other day. These guys were foreign, but they got married with the local and they’ve already stayed here for more than five years – and they were Muslims.

So one of them broke, “Your name appear a lot in the newspaper lately”.
I realized they were talking about Anwar Ibrahim, and not me, Fakhrul Anwar.
“Yeah you’re right”, I replied.
So these guys keeps on talking about how ridiculous it is for a 60 year old man to rape an ex-footballer.
“It’s impossible!” They laughed.
“He need at least two guys to help him hold the young man.”
“What’s even funnier is that the Court, is listening to this case!” said Dr Daniel. He was originally from Switzerland.
“Yeah you’re right.” I couldn’t said much, as I felt sad and ashamed. I’m ashamed that these pathetic things has to happened to Malaysia. And these foreign guys were not making any joke about it, they were actually concern about it. Since they’re also waiting for their PR.


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