Don’t they have Anwar’s dna at the crime scence?

In Anwar Ibrahim on July 21, 2008 at 10:15 pm

alhaj | Everbody is calling for Anwar’s dna. Don’t they have any kind or trace of dna at the crime scence? If they don’t have any at the crime scence, why the need of Anwar’s dna? To match blood with blood, there must first be blood established at the crime scence. So no doubt the opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim refused his dna be sampled from him. It’s not the question of Anwar refusing cooperation which is in everbody’s minds!

And Saiful ready for mubahalah. What can mubahalah prove. Had the prophet of Islam decreed mubahalah as remedy in the context of liwat? Do we fully understand the objective of mubahalah and all it’s consequences? Who has the authority to decree mubahalah between parties and can anybody say for certain that anything happpened to Anwar or Saiful after the mubahalah is a consequence of the mubahalah? Further, can mubahalah be forced? For what we don’t understand about mubahalah, let us not make a mockery of Islam…. selanjutnya.


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