Killing Note from Saiful Bukhari

In Sayfool suka liwat on July 22, 2008 at 6:52 am

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I just shocked, when i opened my message in friendster account, today, “a killing note” appear in my message from my friendster’s friends, saiful bukhari (perhaps, u know him?? , he accused anwar sodomized his butt), in the killing note, he warned me that he will “broke” my head if i’m not remove his sister pic… oh my god!! are u serious saiful??

this is the message he sent to me :

actually, i just put her sister pic at my friendster default ..well, i have no intention to do anything, i just admire his sister, thats all, she’s really pretty on my eyes..

same like i put maya karin picture, all, my girl..friends.picture. in my friendster’s album… so you should not worry saiful, believe me, i’ve no intention at all to disturb you and ur sister…. just my hobby to be different than others.. :-)… i’m sorry ok..

this is the chronology of my dialogue with him.
I reply that message:

He reply my message to print his message, i dont know is it dia faham, beza print screen and print..

so, i pun decide untuk print screen his message and spread into internet, blog and forum..bukannya untuk memalukannya, tetapi supaya, saiful, yang mungkin mempunyai “bayang belakang tabir”, tidak meneruskan niatnya to broke my head.. let people know, if something happen to me, saiful is the only one, who should involve in that…

then, i think dia tahu, message ugutannya telah disiarkan di beberapa laman web seperti tranungkite , cari forum, ainisazreen n bermacam2 lagi, he sent this message to me..

well i consider, everything just silap faham sahaja.. and this is my fault :-), who start first..i really want to said sorry to saiful..n this is my last message.

I just shock, someone who should be “slow” and “lembik”, are very garang dan kasar tutur bahasa di message pertamanya.. I just think again, isk, kalau garang dan kasar macam ni, boleh ke DSAI liwat..??… selanjutnya.


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