Mercedes? Public transport sucks!!!

In Kerajaan Terengganu, kereta exco on July 25, 2008 at 10:48 pm

dailyrun | Recently the debacle of the Mercedes in Terengganu reported by Malaysiakini really is disappointing. Here they are arguing about whether Mercedes is more cost effective than Perdana? C’mon man!!! Isn’t this a bloody waste of time?

Don’t they have a job to do? And what is this thing about rationalizing the cost effectiveness of a Mercedes vs a Perdana? This is so ridiculous man! And so stupid. Ask the man on the street what he thinks? Probably he or she will vomit blood. Why does Malaysiakini even report such crap? It’s so asinine that I think they shouldn’t post this Mercedes story.

No matter what, the man on street ain’t stupid. You can come up with all the justification on Mercedes over Perdana but who the hell cares? Mercedes cost 3 times of a Perdana. One is luxury car and the other is medium range car. One is an imported brandname and the other is an ordinary car. How to compare???… selanjutnya.


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