“Adui, ya Allah, janganlah pukul saya”

In Anwar Ibrahim, Raja Petra on July 27, 2008 at 4:00 am

malaysiatoday | Tan Sri Rahim Noor, the previous Inspector General of Police (IGP), at first denied beating up Anwar Ibrahim and said he would investigate who did. Then, when he could no longer deny that he himself had done the evil deed, he admitted beating up Anwar but said he was provoked in doing so by Anwar who called him a ‘dog’.

Why Anwar would insult dogs in that manner is unknown, but the actions of Rahim Noor seconds before the beating show that he had planned to beat up Anwar all along. And, all the police officers who testified at the Royal Commission of Inquiry said that they only heard Anwar’s voice AFTER the beating, not before.

“On 20 September 1998, at about 10.00pm, I received a telephone call from Dato Yaacob (CID Director) asking me to go to the lockup to supervise the detention of Dato Seri Anwar,” said Dato Ramli Yusoff, his Deputy Director.

“Tan Sri Rahim and Dato Yaacob came…Tan Sri Rahim stopped at the entrance and I saw Tan Sri Rahim showing a hand signal meaning ‘blindfold’.”

“Tan Sri Rahim gave a signal with his finger meaning ‘quiet’. He also gave a signal to ‘handcuff’. I took the signal to mean as an instruction to blindfold and handcuff Dato Seri Anwar. The other signal is for everyone to keep quiet.”

“I saw ASP Zulkifli gave a hand signal with a thumb up ‘OK’ to me. I believe Tan Sri Rahim saw the signal.”

“After that, I saw Tan Sri Rahim heading to the cell number six where Dato Seri Anwar was. At that time, I and Dato Yaacob were following him from behind.”

“When Tan Sri Rahim entered the passage, I was at the counter. After he had entered, then only I moved.”

“When I was about halfway to the passage, I heard a voice from cell number six. I heard, “Adui, ya Allah, janganlah pukul saya”, (“Ow, oh God, don’t beat me”). THAT’S ALL I HEARD. In a voice as if pleading.”

“At that moment I rushed into the cell.”

Dato Ramli’s testimony will continue tomorrow.


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