In Belit BN Belit UMNO, Belit media, Muzakarah PAS UMNO on July 28, 2008 at 12:24 am

kamaltalksmalaysia | ……UMNO seem to be desperate in regaining ‘power’ and feel that by creating ‘unrest’ in the PR coalition would give them a edge. Since this arrangement by PR partners are relatively new and any ‘unrest’ will create a rift since previous reunions had shown these results. UMNO as usual wanted to expoilt the situation to their advantage.

UMNO’s popularity seems to be diminishing day to day by the rakyat since they are uncaring, ineffective, inefficient and corrupt in every manner and the rakyat seem to feel that they are a liability for the progress of the nation. Recent price hikes, cronyism, corruption and many others are matters that the rakyat dislike which the rakyat is trying to eradicate so that the rakyat can live in peace and harmony.

To make matters worst for UMNO/BN, PR had indicated they will form the next new Malaysian government by 16 September 2008, which the rakyat hope will become a reality. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had recently also reveal that he is the prime minister in the waiting which had given a boost to the rakyat that their hopes will be a reality.… selanjutnya.


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