Malaysia rated among ‘most risky’

In Ekonomi on October 29, 2008 at 10:04 am

malaysiainsider | Malaysia is rated as “high risk” while Singapore is well-positioned to weather the economic slowdown because of its political and social stability, says Hong Kong-based Political & Economic Risk Consultancy.

Its analysts ranked Singapore as having the least political and social risks next year among 16 territories in Asia-Pacific, according to a summary of its 87-page report released to the media yesterday. Malaysia,
Thailand and India were ranked as the most risky because of internal developments.

The unlikelihood of sudden political changes, stable labour relations and sound policies, including measures to help the poor, were among the factors in Singapore’s favour, said Perc’s managing director, Robert

“Singapore’s fiscal situation is strong enough for the fiscal incentives that are going to help the country get over the crisis and spread the pain of recession,” he said…. selanjutnya.

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